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Pushing the boundaries and not always adhering to societal norms has shaped the way Alexia developed this program. She enjoys all things related to health, fitness, nutrition, and so on. Alexia has always had a love for how food can be used to heal your body and mind. Over 20 years of working with Naturopaths and playing around with different diet plans that are supposed to be THE diet, she realized what works best is most sustainable for each individual.


Alexia decided two years ago to end her 25-year speech pathology career to focus her energy on creating AG Lifestyle. Her mission is to educate and empowering people who struggle to navigate their way through what has become an OVERLOAD of information in the nutrition and fitness world. Alexia is certified in precision nutrition and holds an ISSA certification for personal training.


Alexia Galakatos is not your typical health and wellness coach. She doesn't prescribe to a "one program fits all" mentality.  She teaches that food is neither "good" nor "bad"; instead, some food choices are more nutritious than others.  Alexia doesn't shy away from eating -Bagels, donuts, chocolate, ice cream, and all the other delicious treats—but she sticks to the 80/20 rule. 80% of nutrients dense foods/20% less healthy foods.  She is determined to debunk the diet myths that you need to follow a specific plan to lose weight and become a "healthier you." It's not the TYPE of food that's a problem; it's how MUCH of that type of food you eat.


Alexia has used the knowledge she has gained over the past 20 years experimenting with her nutrition plans to create a nonrestrictive nutrition program that allows people to have the freedom to eat the foods they love.

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